Archaeology and Tourism

Archaeology and Tourism

Touring the Past


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Chapter 1. Dallen J. Timothy and Lina G. Tahan: Archaeology and Tourism: Consuming, Managing and Protecting the Human Past Chapter 2. Laurence Gillot: Archaeologists and Tourism: Symbiosis or Contestation? Chapter 3. Paul Burtenshaw: Tourism and the Economic Value of Archaeology Chapter 4. Isilay Gursu: Privatization, Archaeology and Tourism Chapter 5. Alan Fyall, Anna Leask and Sarah B. Barber: Marketing Archaeological Heritage for Tourism Chapter 6. Dallen J. Timothy: Archaeological Heritage and Volunteer Tourism Chapter 7. Nour Farra-Haddad: Archaeology and Religious Tourism: Sacred Sites, Rituals, Sharing the Baraka, and Tourism Development Chapter 8. Lina G. Tahan: Archaeological Destruction and Tourism: Sites, Sights, Rituals and Narratives Chapter 9. Dallen J. Timothy: Plundering the Past: Tourism and the Illicit Trade in Archaeological Remains Chapter 10. Jennifer P. Mathews: Protecting the Archaeological Past in the Face of Tourism Demand Chapter 11. Sue Hodges: Interpreting the Past: Telling the Archaeological Story to Visitors Chapter 12. Gai Jorayev: Nationalism, Politics and Archaeology: The Need for Tourism Chapter 13. Dallen J. Timothy and Lina G. Tahan: Understanding Perspectives on Archaeology and Tourism
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