Arab-Jewish Literature

Arab-Jewish Literature

The Birth and Demise of the Arabic Short Story







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Preface Transliteration (Arabic) Transliteration (Hebrew) Historical Background 1 Jews and Modern Arab Culture 2 First Literary Attempts 3 The Realistic Stage 4 After the Immigration 5 The Shift to Hebrew 6 Between Identity and Literature Epilogue: Fiction, Meta-Fiction, and History Appendix: Short Stories I Between the Fangs of the Sea I The Miserable Man I Violette V True Copy V A Caravan from the Village I His Tragedy, a Proverb I The Schoolteacher I The Artist and the Falafel X Chivalry X The Story of the Perforator I The Cellar I Sheikh Shabtay I A Dancer from Baghdad V Iyya V Prophecies of a Madman in a Cursed City I Ana min al-Yahud Authors and Books General Bibliography Index
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