Anthropology of Los Angeles

Anthropology of Los Angeles

Place and Agency in an Urban Setting

Boucher, Nathalie; Lugo, Adonia E.; Joseph, Charles; King, Melissa; Mattheis, Allison; Banh, Jenny; Aguirre, Maryann; Banh, Jenny; Baker, Beth F.; Lepage, Andrea

Lexington Books






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Foreword Yolanda T. Moses Acknowledgments Introduction Melissa King with Jenny Banh Chapter 1 Hauntings of a Different Kind: Militarized Spaces and Memories of Containment Jocelyn Pacleb Chapter 2 Bicycle Anthropology of Los Angeles Adonia Lugo, Allison Mattheis, with Maryann Aguirre Chapter 3 The People in Los Angeles Public Spaces Are Not Dead: Micro-Sociability in the Squares, Plazas, and Parks of the Post-Modern Global City Nathalie Boucher Chapter 4 Embodying Democratic Spaces: Community Organizer Alternative Narratives That Challenge the Mainstream Negative Stigma of South Los Angeles George Villanueva Chapter 5 Analysis of Latino-Korean Relations in the Workplace: Latino Perspectives in the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest Kyeyoung Park Chapter 6 Memory: The Angeleno Pharmakon Charles Joseph Chapter 7 Multiple Ways of Knowing: Layers of History on The Great Wall of Los Angeles Andrea Lepage Chapter 8 Making Space: Ethnic Towns and the Racing of Public Space in Los Angeles Beth F. Baker and ChorSwang Ngin Chapter 9 Agro-Ethnic Landscapes of Los Angeles Natale Zappia Chapter 10 A Conversation with Diego Vigil a Los Angeles Pioneer Anthropologist: An Anthropologist Past, Present, and Future Jenny Banh Conclusion Jenny Banh
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