Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture

Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture

Contexts for Criticism

Morrison, Ronald D.; Mazzeno, Laurence W.

Palgrave Macmillan






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Introduction.- Part I: Animals in the Victorians' World.- 1. Ann C. Colley, "Collecting the Live and the Skinned".- 2. Ronald D. Morrison, "Dickens, Household Words, and the Smithfield Controversy at the Time of the Great Exhibition".- 3. Grace Moore, "'Beasts, Birds, Fishes, and Reptiles': Anthony Trollope and the Australian Acclimatization Debate".- 4. Susan Hamilton, "Dogs' Homes and Lethal Chambers, or, What was it like to be a Battersea Dog?".- Part II: Animals in the Victorians' Literature.- 5. Jennifer McDonell, "Bull's-eye, Agency and the Species Divide in Oliver Twist: a Cur's-Eye View".- 6. Antonia Losano, "Performing Animals/Performing Humanity".- 7. Monica Flegel, "'I declare I never saw so lovely an animal!': Beauty, Individuality, and Objectification in Nineteenth-Century Animal Autobiographies".- 8. Susan Pyke, "Cathy's Whip and Heathcliff's Snarl: Control, Violence, Care, and Rights in Wuthering Heights".- 9. John Miller, "Creatures on the 'Night-Side of Nature': James Thomson's Melancholy Ethics".- 10. Jed Mayer, "'Come buy, come buy!': Christina Rossetti and the Victorian Animal Market".- 11. Kathyrn Yeniyurt, "Black Beauty: The Emotional Work of Pretend Play".- 12. Elizabeth Effinger, "Insect Politics in Richard Marsh's The Beetle".- Sources for Further Study.- Editors and Contributors.- Index.
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