Introduction to Well Control Calculations for Drilling Operations

Introduction to Well Control Calculations for Drilling Operations

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Chapter One - Getting a Handle on CalculationsThings You Will NeedSetting the Learning HabitHow to Use this BookIntroduction to Your CalculatorFractions and DecimalsSquaring a NumberPercentagesRounding Your AnswersSymbols Used in CalculationsFiguring out the Order of a CalculationFormulasMessing with FormulasConverting UnitsChapter TestLast Word Chapter Two - Volume CalculationsFirst WordA Quick RefresherPit VolumeString and Hole VolumeAnnular VolumePump OutputStroke and Time CalculationsAnnular VelocityCapacities and DisplacementsTrip Sheet CalculationsKill Sheet - Volume CalculationsChapter TestLast Word Chapter Three - Pressure CalculationsFirst WordA Quick RefresherPressure GradientHydrostatic PressureCirculating PressuresChange of Pump SpeedChange of Mud WeightFormation StrengthTripping Pressure CalculationsChapter TestLast Word Chapter Four - Well Control CalculationsFirst WordA Quick RefresherFormation PressureBalance, Overbalance and UnderbalanceFormation Pressure - AgainKill Mud WeightICPFCPInflux HeightInflux GradientKill Sheet Pressure CalculationsChapter TestLast Word
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