Air Traffic Management and Systems IV

Air Traffic Management and Systems IV

Selected Papers of the 6th ENRI International Workshop on ATM/CNS (EIWAC2019)

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Part I Introduction Introduction to the Fifth ENRI International Workshop on ATM/CNS (EIWAC2019) S. Ozeki, Y. Fukuda, S. Fukushima, T. Koga, T. Sakai, E. Itoh, N.K. Wickramasinghe Part II ATM Performance Volatility in Air Traffic Management - How changes in traffic patterns affect efficiency in service provision T. Standfuss, M. Whittome, I. Ruiz-Gauna Coordinated Sequencing of Traffic on Multiple En-route Constraint Points S. Abba Rapaya, P. Notry, D. Delahaye Macroscopic Analysis to Identify Stage Boundaries in Multi-Stage Arrival Management E. Itoh, Y. Miyazawa, M. Finke, J. Rataj Analysis of Weather Impact on Flight Efficiency for Stockholm Arlanda Airport Arrivals A. Lemetti, T. Polishchuk, R. Saez, X. Prats AcListant with Continuous Learning: Speech Recognition in Air Traffic Control J. Rataj, H. Helmke, O. Ohneiser Part III Airport Management A Data-driven Approach for Taxi-time Prediction: A Case Study of Singapore Changi Airport DT. Pham, M. Ngo, N. Tran, S. Alam, V. Duong Dealing with Adverse Weather Conditions by Enhanced Collaborative Decision Making in a TAM APOC F. Piekert, N. Carstengerdes, R. Suikat, S. Schier Precision Approach Procedures with General Aviation aircraft and Helicopter at Braunschweig Research Airport T. Feuerle, T. Rausch, T. Lueken, S. Schmerwitz An Optimistic Planning Approach for the Aircraft Landing Problem S. Ikli, C. Mancel, M. Mongeau, X. Olive, E. Rachelson Passengers on social media: A real-time estimator of the state of the US air transportation system P. Monmousseau, A. Marzuoli, E. Feron, D. Delahaye Part IV Trajectory Management A Human-in-the-Loop Simulation Study on the Requirements of Air Traffic Control Operations for expanding Continuous Descent Operations H. Hirabayashi, N. K. Wickramasinghe, D. Toratani On the use of Generative Adversarial Networks for Aircraft Trajectory Generation and Atypical Approach Detection G. Jarry, N. Couellan, D. Delahaye RRT* Based Algorithm for Trajectory Planning considering Probabilistic Weather Forecasts E. Andres, M. Kamgarpour, M. Soler, M. Sanjurjo-Rivo, D. Gonzalez-Arribas Impact of wind on the predictability and uncertainty management of 4D-trajectories A. Rodriguez-Sanz, M. Terradellas Canadell Towards Automatic Trajectory Modification for Reducing Air Traffic Complexity Using an ATC Difficulty Index S. Nagaoka, H. Hirabayashi, M. Brown Part V Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Air/Ground SWIM Integration to Achieve Information Collaborative Environment X.D. Lu, K. Morioka, S. Egami, T. Koga, Y. Sumiya, J. Naganawa, N. Yonemoto A Simple Note on Shadowing Effects and Multipath Propagation for CNS R. Geise, J. Klinger, B. Neubauer ADS-B Coverage Design in Mountainous Terrain K. Wangchuk, Sangay, J. Naganawa, D. Adhikari, K. Gayley Nearfield Inspection of Navigation Systems with UAVs - First Results from the NAVANT Project R. Geise, A. Weiss, B. Neubauer, T. Fritzel, R. Strauss, H. Steiner, F. Faul, T. Eibert, J. Honda
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