Agile Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management

A Guide to the Methodology and Its Successful Implementation "Knowledge That Sets You Apart"

Nielsen, Klaus

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Table of Contents About the author Acknowledgments Preface Chapter 1 - "Financial" Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 1.1 The short history of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 1.2 The definitions of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 1.3 The main goals of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) 1.4 The new challenges for Project Portfolio Management 1.5 The main challenges of Project Portfolio Management. 1.6 The global standards approach to Project Portfolio Management 1.7 The Project Portfolio Management life cycle model Chapter 2 - The Reality of Agile@Scale 2.1 Understanding Complexity Theory and System Thinking 2.2 Adaptability vs. Predictability 2.3 Lean Thinking and Lean Portfolio Management 2.4 Continuous Planning 2.5 From Silos to Collaboration and increased interaction 2.6 Managing for Innovation (Culture and work environment) 2.7 Transparency Chapter 3 - Agile Portfolio Management (APM) 3.1 Agile principles 3.2 Explaining Roles and Responsibilities 3.3 Agile Levels of Governance 3.4 The Portfolio Kanban aka Agile Portfolio Planning Kanban Wall 3.5 Ongoing Agile Portfolio Ceremonies 3.6 Portfolio Artefacts 3.7 Agile Requirements Levels (Scope decomposition) 3.8 Agile Portfolio Budgeting and Resources 3.9 Identify the portfolio value in an initiative 3.10 Portfolio Wide Stakeholder Analysis 3.11 Align all work to the Strategy 3.12 Estimation of Initiatives 3.13 Portfolio prioritization - Sorting/ranking the Portfolio 3.14 Bottlenecks and Cost of Delays 3.15 Qualify ideas for Portfolio inclusion - The Agile business case 3.16 Visualize and present the portfolio values 3.17 Managing Portfolio Risks 3.18 Portfolio Metrics worth tracking - Measuring progress and value 3.19 The Agile Project Management Office (PMO) 3.20 Exploring EDGE 3.21 Transformational leadership for a successful Portfolio Chapter 4 - Agile Portfolio Management Frameworks 4.1 Scaling frameworks for Agile Portfolio Management 4.2 The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe (R)) 4.3 More with Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) 4.4 Agile Portfolio Management by Agile Business Consortium 4.5 The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum 4.6 Disciplined Agile (Delivery) (DA/DAD) 4.7 Portfolio Management using Scrum (Scrum of Scrums) 4.8 XSCALE Alliance (XA) 4.9 Enterprise Scrum 4.10 Recipes for Agile Governance in the Enterprise (RAGE) 4.11 The Spotify Model Chapter 5 - Project Portfolio Management versus Agile Portfolio Management Chapter 6 - Hybrid Portfolio Management Chapter 7 - Implementing Agile Portfolio Management Chapter 8 - Tailoring Agile Portfolio Management Chapter 9 - Case studies on Agile Portfolio Management 9.1 Case study (2018) - Ocuco Ltd 9.2 Case study (2016) - An empirical study of portfolio management and Kanban in agile and lean software companies 9.3 Case study (2019) - Managing the Agile Scalability to implement Agile Project Portfolio Management 9.4 Case study (2018) - Large-Scale agile transformations at Ericsson 9.5 Case study (2011) - Supporting Scaling Agile with Portfolio Management at 9.6 Case study (2019) - Agile Software Integration at Telfor 9.7 Case study (2015) - Is Agile Portfolio Management following The Principles of Large-Scale Agile in the Finish broadcasting company Yle 9.8 Case study (2018) - Agile Portfolio Management Challenges in the Swedish Automobile Industry 9.9 Case study (2011) - Agile Kanban IT project Portfolio at Getty Images 295 Chapter 10 - Reference list Chapter 10 - Glossary of terms and Acronyms
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