Against European Integration

Against European Integration

The European Union and its Discontents

Berend, Ivan T.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction 1. Existential crisis, the possibility of disintegration and the European Union in the 2010s The rise of an existential crisis: the economic factors. Migration crisis and its connection with Europe's demographic crisis. Muslim terror atacks. Populist attacks against the EU. Recognition of the existential crisis. The outside factor: loosening and hostile neighbors. Deep crisis is over, but are new ones coming? Escaping forward? 2. Inequality within and among member countries undermined homogenization and became a source of discontents Capitalism and inequality. Increasing inequality within the EU countries. Inequality among member countries of the EU. 3. The political representation of discontent: disappearing traditional political parties and rising populism From class to national parties. Old mass parties are disappearing. Melting down of the social democratic parties. Rising populist parties. Central political issues for populists. 4. Brexit and its possible impact Joining late-leaving early. 'Hard' or 'soft' landing? The Chequers plan. The consequences of Brexit. 5. Anti-European Union Populism in Western and Southern Europe Liberal democracy and its multi-ethnic culture. Why became populism triumph in Britain? Wilders, Le Pen and others. Populist defeats and victories, 2017-2018. 6. Populism flooded Eastern Europe and the Balkans-undermining the EU Real home for populism. The eastern part of Germany. The region left behind. The reverse migration crisis of the region. The crisis of 2008 and austerity policy-authoritarian nationalism. 7. Christian Europe? The use and abuse of Christian values and the populist debate Populism and Christianity. The special feature of East European nationalist interpretations of Christianity. Christian values and how they influence European life? Pope Francis's differing interpretation of Christian Europe. 8. The demonization of George Soros and its real meaning in Central and Eastern Europe Right-wing anti-Soros hysteria all over. Putin's Russia gave the signal. "Let's not leave Soros the last laugh". Anti-Soros mania in Eastern Europe. Soros's view on immigration in Europe. The "Secret Message" of anti-Soros hysteria. 9. Is the European Union a neoliberal construction that deserves to be destroyed? A debate with left-wing attacks Does attacking the EU equate to anti-neoliberalism? Globalization or regionalization? End of globalization? the increasing importance of regionalization. Austerity policy as exploitation of peripheral countries? Serving the oligarchs? The straitjacket of euro and national sovereignty. Real causes of revolt: social shock caused by complex societal changes. 10. Outside discontents on the outside: the weakening alliance with the US, a hostile Russia, and Turkey and China at the borders A loosening alliance with the US. The failure to keep Turkey in the EU's orbit. The failure of the Balkans' policy towards the EU. The failure of the EU's southern and eastern neighborhood policies. Russia against the EU: its counter attacks and provocations. Europe's dangerous oil dependence on Russia and the EU's plans to eliminate it. China is entering the ring: the Balkan Silk Road. 11. Out from crisis or between crises? The EU of the future Steps of further integration: the road towards a fiscal and banking union. First steps towards a European army. Alternatives for further integration. Plans for the future of Europe. Index
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