The Fall and the Rise After the Event

Szymanski, Wojciech; Kusek, Robert; Piatek, Beata

Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Wydawnictwo






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Robert Kusek, Beata Piatek, Wojciech Szymanski - In the Wake of the Event PART ONE: After Trauma Anna Branach-Kallas - Discording After-Rites: Commemoration and Intimate Grief in British and French Fiction Published at the Great War's Centenary Dagmara Drewniak - "It Is, After All, a Communication with Ghosts" : Correspondences by Anne Michaels and Bernice Eisenstein as a Historical and Personal Elegy in the Aftermath of the Holocaust Edyta Lorek-Jezinska - Memory of the Holocaust: Vicarious Trauma and Counter-Monuments in The Hideout by NeTTheatre Magdalena Zolkos - "After You Died I Could Not Hold a Funeral, and so My Life Became a Funeral": Catastrophic Aftermaths in Han Kang's Human Acts Heloise Lecomte - "Phantom Growth": Post-Traumatic Healing in Ian McEwan's The Child in Time (1987) and Julian Farino's T.V. Adaptation (2017) PART TWO: The End of the Wor(l)d and After Malgorzata Sugiera - After the Earth: New Postsingularity Scenarios Katarzyna Wieckowska - The End of the World and After Krystian Piotrowski - Life, End of: Secular Eschatology in Christine Brooke-Rose's Out and Anna Kavan's Ice Mantra Mukim - After Naming: Rilke's Namenlos, Kant, and the Subject of Aesthetics PART THREE: After Images Douglas Klahr - The Precursor to Virtual Reality Documents Architectural Hell: A Stereoscopic View of the Crematorium at Dachau Grace Pundyk - The Promise of a Hospitable Memory: Encounters on the Threshold Amanda Wasielewski - "We Have Decided Not to Decide": The End of History and the Punk Politics of De Reagering Karolina Kolenda - After Nature: Landscape, Art, and Design in the Aftermath of Katrina and Sandy Glenn Loughran - Evental Research... After the Future of Work PART FOUR: Colonialism and Its Aftermath Claudia Marquis - Colonialism and Its Aftermath in The Lord of the Rings: Postcolonial Reflections on Tolkien's Imperial Fantasy Paulina Grzeda - The Entangled Temporality of the Postcolony: Zakes Mda and the "Chaffing Temporalities" of Post-Apartheid Maria Concepcion Brito Vera, Maria Luz Gonzalez Rodriguez - Life Out of Balance and Its Aftermath. Paradoxes in Arundhati Roy's The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: A Material Ecocritical Reading PART FIVE: "(Un)Catastrophic" Aftermaths Marie-Anne Hansen-Pauly - Language and Disaster: "The Gulf (Between You and Me)" by Pierre Joris Barbara Klonowska - The Aftermath of Love: Michael Haneke's Amour Christina Schoenberger-Stepien - Rushdie's Rebellious Joseph Anton: Chronicling the Aftermath of The Satanic Verses Michaela Beck - The Post-Postmodern Afterlife of the American Novel: "Resurrecting" the Novel-as-Archive in Anne Valente's Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down (2016) and Ed Park's Personal Days (2008) Tomasz Fisiak - Grande Dame Guignol and the Notion of the Aftermath: A Case Study of Robert Aldrich's Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) Author index About the authors
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