Advancing Assessment for Student Success

Advancing Assessment for Student Success

Supporting Learning by Connecting Assessment With Teaching, Curriculum, and Cocurriculum and Cultivating Collaborations With Our Colleagues and Our Students

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Foreword Introduction 1) Advancing Assessment: Currents of Movement, Eddies, and New Paths-Amy Driscoll 2) Equity in Assessment: Supports for all Students-Amy Driscoll 3) Learning Outcomes: Engaging Students, Staff, and Faculty-Swarup Wood 4) Aligned and Coherent Assessment, Pedagogy, and Curriculum: Connections for Student Success-Amy Driscoll 5) Understanding and Supporting Achievement: Improving Assignment Prompts and Rubrics-Nelson Graff 6) Using Evidence of Student Achievement: Advancing Student Success-Amy Driscoll 7) Advancing Reflection: Fostering Conversations That Improve Student Success-Dan Shapiro 8) Advancing Communication: Sharing Stories That Improve Student Success-Dan Shapiro About the Authors Index
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