Advances in Mathematical Logic

Advances in Mathematical Logic

Dedicated to the Memory of Professor Gaisi Takeuti, SAML 2018, Kobe, Japan, September 2018, Selected, Revised Contributions

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S. Fuchino and A. Ottenbreit Ottenbreit Maschio Rodrigues, Reflection principles, generic large cardinals, and the Continuum Problem.- D. Ikegami and N. Trang, On supercompactness of 1.- S. Iwata, Interpolation properties for Sacchetti's logics.- T. Kurahashi, Rosser provability and the second incompleteness theorem.- H. Kurokawa, On Takeuti's early view of the concept of set.- Yo Matsubara and T. Usuba, On Countable Stationary Towers.- M. Ozawa, Reforming Takeuti's Quantum Set Theory to Satisfy De Morgan's Laws.- T. Usuba, Choiceless Lowenheim-Skolem property and uniform definability of grounds.- M. Yasugi, Y. Tsujii, T. Mori, Irrational-based computability of functions.- M. Yasugi, "Gaisi Takeuti's finitist standpoint" and its mathematical embodiment.- Y. Yoshinobu, Properness under closed forcing.
Proof Theory;Set Theory;Computability Theory;Model Theory;Philosophical Logic;Theoretical Computer Science;Philosophy of Mathematics