Advances in Environmental Biotechnology

Advances in Environmental Biotechnology

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Environmental Biotechnology.- Chapter 2. Measurement of Environmental Pollution: Types and Techniques.- Chapter 3. Need For the Advanced Technologies for Wastewater Treatment.- Chapter 4. Perspectives of Bioreactors in Wastewater Treatment.- Chapter 5. Bioremediation Technologies for the Removal of Pollutants.- Chapter 6. Bioremediation Technologies for Decolorization of Effluent.- Chapter 7. Bioremediation of Tannery Wastewater.- Chapter 8. Sustainable Environmental Biotechnology.- Chapter 9. Application of Nanotechnology in the Environment Biotechnology.- Chapter 10. Biofertlizers and Biopesticides: Eco-friendly Biological Agents.- Chapter 11. Approaches to Agro Industrial Solid Waste Disposal and Bioenergy Generation.- Chapter 12. Role of Genetically Modified Microorganisms in Heavy Metal Bioremediation.- Chapter 13. Agriculture Biotechnology.- Chapter 14. Recent Advances in Phytoremediation Technology.- Chapter 15. Microbial Flora and Biodegradation of Pesticides: Trends, scope and Relevance.- Chapter16. Biosensors: A Tool for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis.