Advances in Autoethnography and Narrative Inquiry

Advances in Autoethnography and Narrative Inquiry

Reflections on the Legacy of Carolyn Ellis and Arthur Bochner

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1. Righting and Writing (for) Our Lives: Turning Inward When the World Falls Apart Tony E. Adams, Robin M. Boylorn, and Lisa M. Tillmann Part I: Foundations 2. Risk and Reward in Autoethnography: Revisiting "Chronicling an Academic Depression" Barbara J. Jago 3. Coming Home to Narrative Autoethnography: Encounters with Bochner and Ellis Christopher N. Poulos 4. Becoming Wild: Autoethnography as Feral Pedagogy Stacy Holman Jones 5. A Collaborative Dialogue on the Dialogic Influence of Art Bochner and Carolyn Ellis Lesa Lockford and Ronald J. Pelias 6. Traveling with Carolyn Ellis and Art Bochner, or How I Became Harmonized with the Autoethnographic Life: An Autoformative Story Marcin Kafar 7. Dear Art and Carolyn: A Love Story Keith Berry 8. Massaging the Muse Gresilda A. Tilley-Lubbs 9. Changing Stories: A 20-Year Autoethnography Elaine B. Jenks 10. A Rose by Another Name: Zen and the Art of Carolyn Chris J. Patti 11. Bochner and Ellis as Teachers, Mentors, and Friends: Learning What it Means to Live a Good Life Lisa P. Z. Spinazola Part II: Futures 12. Traces and Shards of Self-injury: Strange Accounting with "Author X" Brittany Presson, Brandi Barnes, Carol Rambo, and Author X 13. Tangible Autoethnography: Merging Autoethnographic Writing and Artmaking Csaba Osvath 14. Searching for Utopia in Rural Queer Narratives Darren Cummings 15. Kindred Spirits: Narrative, Art, Life Mark Freeman 16. Friendship, Music, and Living Learning: The Story of a Song William K. Rawlins 17. Comedic Autoethnography Nathan Hodges 18. Walking in Dallas with Dead People Deborah C. Breede 19. Forget My Perfect Offering: A Mother Daughter Silvia M. Benard Calva Epilogue 20. Autoethnography as a Warm Idea Arthur P. Bochner and Carolyn Ellis
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