Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research

Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research

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Chapter 1. Recruiting Method And Its Impact On Participant Behavior; Darlene Bay, Gail Lynn Cook and David Yeboah Chapter 2. Connecting Organizational Culture to Fraud: Buffer/Conduit Theory; Philip Beaulieu and Alan Reinstein Chapter 3. Angel Investor Value Judgments and the Effects of Accounting Disclosures; Bryan Cataldi and Tom Downen Chapter 4. Behavioral Red Flags And Loss Sizes From Asset Misappropriation: Evidence From The US; Eberhard Feess and Yuriy Timofeyev Chapter 5. Effects Of Supervisor's Personality On The Support, Abuse, And Feedback Provided To Junior Accountants; Shahriar M. Saadullah, Charles D. Bailey, and Emad Awadallah Chapter 6. Career Anchors Of Millennial Accountants; Barbara S. White, Bruce I. Davidson, and Zoe Cullen
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