Advanced Numerical Methods for Differential Equations

Advanced Numerical Methods for Differential Equations

Applications in Science and Engineering

Singh, Harendra; Purohit, Sunil Dutt; Kumar, Devendra; Singh, Jagdev

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Stability and Convergence Analysis of Numerical Scheme for the Generalized Fractional Diffusion-Reaction Equation. Complex wave patterns of the KP-BBM and Generalized KP-BBM equations. Abundant computational and numerical solutions of the fractional quantum version of the relativistic energy-momentum relation. Applications of conserved schemes for solving ultra-relativistic Euler equations. Notorious Boundary Value Problems: Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations and their Numerical Treatment. Review on Non Standard Finite Difference (NSFD) Schemes for solving linear and non-linear differential equations. Solutions for Nonlinear Fractional Diffusion Equations with Reaction Terms. Convergence of some high-order iterative methods with applications to differential equations. Fractional derivative operator on quarantine and isolation principle for COVID-19. Superabundant explicit wave and numerical solutions of the fractional isotropic extension model of the KdV model. A Modified Computational Scheme and Convergence Analysis for Fractional Order Hepatitis E Virus Model