Adorno's Rhinoceros

Adorno's Rhinoceros

Art, Nature, Critique


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Acknowledgments List of Illustrations List of Contributors 1. Introduction: The enigma of the rhinoceros, Antonia Hofstatter, (University of Warwick, UK) 2. In the name of the rhinoceros: expression beyond human intention, Camilla Flodin (Uppsala University, Sweden) 3. The rhinoceros at the bottom of the sea: Adorno, Durer and the silent eloquence of artworks, Antonia Hofstatter (University of Warwick, UK) 4. Just one line: reading T. W. Adorno on humans, artworks and animals, Lydia Goehr (Columbia University, USA) 5. The mute animal, Alexander Garcia Duttmann (Universitat der Kunste, Berlin, Germany) 6. The speaking animal: on a metaphor of humanity, Sebastian Trankle (Freie Universitat, Germany) 7. The gaze of the rhinoceros and the 'it' of Aesthetic Theory, Daniel Steuer (Independent Scholar, Austria) 8. The muted animal, Daniel Herwitz (University of Michigan, USA) 9. Epilogue: On the actuality of Adorno's rhinoceros - extraction, extinction and dignity, Daniel Steuer (Independent Scholar, Austria) Index
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German philosophy; environmental philosophy; animal behaviour; rhino; critical theory of society; sociology; theory of art