Achieving Equity and Quality in Higher Education

Achieving Equity and Quality in Higher Education

Global Perspectives in an Era of Widening Participation


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Chapter 1. Leadership for institutional change to promote diversity and success; Liz Thomas.- Chapter 2. Vertically Segregated Higher Education and the Life Course: Comparing Patterns over 28 Years; Lesley Andres and Ashley Pullman.- Chapter 3. Supporting Students' Learning: the power of the student-teacher relationship; Debra Cureton and Phil Gravestock.- Chapter 4. Facilitating the success of students from low SES backgrounds at regional universities through course design, teaching and staff attributes; Marcia Devlin and Jade McKay.- Chapter 5. A Case Study of Using Developmental Education to both Raise Equity and Maintain Standards; Michelle Hodara, Di Xu and Julie Petrokubi.- Chapter 6. Vision 20:20 and Indigenous Health Workforce Development: Institutional strategies and initiatives to attract underrepresented students into elite courses; Elana Curtis, Te Kupenga Hauora Maori.- Chapter 7. Social Inclusion or Social Engineering? The politics and reality of widening access to medicine in the UK; Kirsty Alexander and Jennifer Cleland.- Chapter 8. University Strategies to Improve the Academic Success of Disadvantaged Students: Three Experiences in Chile; Oscar Espinoza, Noel McGinn and Luis Eduardo Gonzalez.- Chapter 9. Widening Participation in medicine in the UK; Paul Garrud and Clare Owen.- Chapter 10. Affirmative actions as an instrument to balance access to superior education in Brazil: The quotas policy; Rubens Becak and Luis Felipe Cirino.- Chapter 11. The Conundrum of achieving Quality Higher Education in South Africa; Sadhana Manik and Labby Ramathran.- Chapter 12. Fees regime and widening access in the four UK nations: are no-fees regimes necessarily more socially inclusive?; Sheila Riddell and Elisabet Weedon.- Chapter 13. High status professions, their related degrees and the social construction of 'quality'.- Erica Southgate, Susan Grimes and Jarrad Cox.- Chapter 14. How can contextualised admissions widen participation?; Stephen Gorard, Vikki Boliver and Nadia Siddiqui.- Chapter 15. Governmental Supports for Students in Turkey: Beneficiary Perspective on the Use of Financial and Social Support in Higher Education; Yasar Kondakci, Kadir Beycioglu, Yusuf Ikbal Oldac, Hanife Hilal Senay.
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