Abdominal Sepsis

Abdominal Sepsis

A Multidisciplinary Approach

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1 Classifications and principles of treatment.- 2 Peritonitis and intra-peritoneal inflammatory mediators.- 3 Imaging diagnosis.- 4 Higk risk patients and prognostic factors.- 5 Acute appendicitis.- 6 Acute cholecystitis.- 7 Acute cholangitis.- 8 Pyogenic liver abscess.- 9 Gastroduodenal perforations.- 10 Small bowel perforations.- 11 Acute colonic diverticulitis.- 12 Post-operative peritonitis.- 13 Damage control surgery in managing abdominal sepsis.- 14 Ongoing peritonitis.- 15 Clostridium difficile infection.- 16 Complicated Intra-abdominal infections: Principles of Antimicrobial Therapy.- 17 Antimicrobial armamentarium.- 18 Antimicrobial resistance in intra-abdominal infections.- 19 The role of candida in abdominal sepsis.- 20 Use and interpretation of peritoneal swabs.- 21 Appropriate antimicrobial therapy in critically ill patients.- 22 Haemodynamic support.- 23 Adjunctive therapies.- 24 Impact and management of abdominal compartment syndrome in patients with abdominal sepsis.- 25 Tromboprohilaxis in patients with abdominal sepsis.- 26 Nutrition in patients with abdominal sepsis.
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