Spy on Eliza Haywood

Spy on Eliza Haywood

Addresses to a Multifarious Writer

Hultquist, Aleksondra; Mounsey, Chris

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction: Spying on Eliza Haywood Aleksondra Hultquist and Chris Mounsey 1 Eliza Haywood and the Deluded Heroine Plot RACHEL CARNELL 2 "The shame would be wholly hers": Negotiating Gendered Shame and Desire in Eliza Haywood's Love in Excess and The Masqueraders KRISTIN M. DISTEL 3 "The Air of Clock-work": The Amatory Machine of Masculinity in Eliza Haywood's Fiction MARY BETH HARRIS 4 Eliza Haywood and Captivity CATHERINE INGRASSIA 5 "I will also give a Copy": Eliza Haywood and the Developing Authority of Print MARTA KVANDE 6 Eliza Haywood: A Life in the Theatre JEAN MARSDEN 7 Eliza Haywood, Alexander Pope and George of Hanover: Satire and the Telephoto Lens CHRIS MOUNSEY 8 Eliza Haywood, Francis Hutcheson, and the Stoic Heritage: Calming the Vehement Passions in The Female Spectator CHANCE DAVID PAHL 9 Translation and Empire in Haywood's La Belle Assemblee ANNIE PERSONS 10 "I have such a Piece of News for you": Serving Gossip at Haywood's The Tea-Table BETHANY E. QUALLS 11 Having it Both Ways: Bigamy and the Marriage Act in Eliza Haywood's The Life of Madam de Villesache SHEA STUART 12 Haywood in Holland: Translating the Passions in the French and Dutch Translation of Idalia; or the Unfortunate Mistress FAUVE VANDENBERGHE