Research Agenda for International Political Economy

Research Agenda for International Political Economy

New Directions and Promising Paths

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Contents: Preface ix PART I INTRODUCTION Introduction to A Research Agenda for International Political Economy: New Directions & Promising Paths 3 David A. Deese PART II HOW AND WHY GLOBALIZATION INTERCONNECTS WITH SOCIO-ECONOMIC INEQUALITY WITHIN STATES 1 Globalization and income inequality 21 Eunyoung Ha 2 Away from the Global North: new directions in the politics of trade 39 Ida Bastiaens and Evgeny Postnikov 3 Turning out or turning away: international political economy effects on political participation 53 Celeste Beesley and Ida Bastiaens PART III IPE IN A CRISIS-DRIVEN WORLD: MITIGATING AND MANAGING EXTERNALLY INDUCED CRISES 4 International political economy and the study of financial crises 71 Puspa D. Amri 5 The political economy of One Health: implications for crisis governance research 89 John Connolly 6 Migration management and international political economy 103 Nicholas R. Micinski PART IV IPE IN TRANSITION 7 Geotech: converging technology, markets, and politics in international political economy 119 Mark Abdollahian and Zining Yang 8 From Chimerica to decoupling: US-China trade war and failed neoliberalism 141 Wei Liang 9 Cyber economic espionage: a framework for future research 159 William Akoto 10 Technology and the new geography of trade politics 171 Gary Winslett 11 The political economy of local aid: a new research agenda 183 Emily Scott PART V RESETTING THE IPE RESEARCH AGENDA 12 Feminist theory in international political economy 201 Corinna Dengler and Hanna Voelkle 13 Decolonizing labor, land, and the Global South 215 Aaron Schneider Index
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economic and financial globalization; inequality; crisis governance; global south; technology; social-ecological; IPE