Nation Apart

Nation Apart

The African-American Experience and White Nationalism

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Introduction Part I: The Continued Colonization of African Americans Introduction 1. Contemporary African-American Insecurity 2. The Building of Incapacity: Race, Poverty, Subordination and Gaps in Health Services 3. The Impact of Slavery and Jim Crow on Today's African-American Communities 4. The Emerging and Continued Importance of Racial Stigma 5. Gaps in Government Services and Regulations: Maintaining Incapacity and Insecurity 6. Insecurity on the Streets and the Illegitimacy of the Criminal Justice System Works Cited Part II: The Systematic Undoing of Civil Rights and Federal Supports for African Americans Introduction 7. The Promise of Reconstruction 8. Jim Crow Law and Customs: A Return to White Hegemony 9. States' Rights as a Form of Resistance, Black Deaths, and Freedom Fighters in the South 10. Twentieth Century Civil Rights Legislation: Expanding Civil Rights and Protecting Voting Rights 11. The Incubation of White Populism Works Cited Part III: The Triumph of the White Nationalists Introduction 12. The Making of the American Working Class: A Brief Historical Discussion 13. The Emergence of White Nationalism in the Twentieth Century Works Cited Part IV: Advancing Democratic Americanism Introduction 14. Ideas for Diminishing White Nationalism 15. Targeted Interventions 16. Ending Insecurity Brought on by Unacceptable Living Conditions 17. Reforming Criminal Justice in the Twenty-First Century 18. Considering the Case for Reparations 19. White Nationalism Trumped by Democratic Americanism Works Cited
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