Multidisciplinary Introduction to Desalination

Multidisciplinary Introduction to Desalination

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Dedication; Foreword; Preface Section 1: Introduction 1. Water Scarcity; 2. Integrated Water Management and the Alternatives to Desalination; 3. Fundamentals of Desalination; 4. Water Chemistry and Desalinated Water Quality Section 2: Unit Operations 5. Thermal Processes; 6. Membrane Processes; 7. Pretreatment; 8. Post-treatment Section 3: Science and Technology 9. The Origins of Desalination Technologies; 10. Issues in Research and Development; 11. Membrane Chemistry and Engineering; 12. Newest Research Section 4: Energy and Environment 13. Desalination Powered by Renewable and Nuclear Energy Sources; 14. Energy Consumption and Minimization; 15. Brine Management; 16. Environmental Impacts of Desalination Plants Section 5: Social and Commercial Issues 17. Rural Desalination; 18. Society, Politics, and Desalination; 19. Desalination Costs and Feasibility; 20.The Business of Desalination
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