20th Century Britain

20th Century Britain

Economic, Cultural and Social Change

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1. Introduction: Twentieth-Century Britain Part I: Britain since 1900 2. The British Political System 3. The British Economy 4. Inequality, Living Standards, and Welfare Provision 5. Britain's Changing Position in the International Economy 6. Managing the Economy, Managing the People 7. Work, the Labour Market and Trade Unions 8. Leisure, Consumption and Consumerism 9. The Environment and Environmental Policy 10. Big Business and Management in Britain 11. Empire and Decolonisation 12. Ethnicity, Identity and Multiculturalism 13 Women and Inequalities 14. Disability and Disabled People 15. Social Mobility 16. Gender and Sexuality 17. Healthcare, Health and Wellbeing Part II: Britain in Focus 18. Britain at War 1914-1918 and 1939-45 19. The Impact of the Interwar Depression on the Working Class 20. Civil Society, Voluntary Action and Citizenship, c. 1918 -1960s 21. Heterosexual Sexuality in Britain, 1918-1972 22. Britain and Europe since 1945 23. The 1960s and the Cultural Revolution 24. Resisting Racism in 1970s and 1980s Britain: the Experience of Young South Asians
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