Organic Reaction Mechanisms 2006 : An annual survey covering the literature dated January to December 2006

A. C. Knipe






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Organic Reaction Mechanisms 2006 is the 42nd volume in this classical series. Every year, an experienced team of authors compiles these reviews, so that the reader can rely on a continuing quality of selection and presentation. Detailed author and subject indexes help the reader to find the information they are looking for. As a new service to the reader, all reaction mechanisms leading to stereospecific products are highlighted. This reflects the interest of synthetic organic chemists in such reactions and the pharmaceutical role of chiral molecules.
1. Reactions of Aldehydes and Ketones and their Derivatives (B. A. Murray).

2. Reactions of Carboxylic, Phosphoric and Sulfonic Acids and their Derivatives (C. T. Bedford)

3. Oxidation and Reduction (K. K. Banerji).

4. Carbenes and Nitrenes (M. Christlieb and E. Gras).

5. Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution (M. R. Crampton).

6. Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution (R. G. Coombes).

7. Carbocations (R. A. McClelland).

8. Nucleophilic Aliphatic Substitution (K. C. Westaway).

9. Carbanions and Electrophilic Aliphatic Substitution (M. L. Birsa)

10. Elimination Reactions (M. L. Birsa).

11. Addition Reactions: Polar Addition (P. Kočovský).

12. Addition Reactions: Cycloaddition (N. Dennis).

13. Molecular Rearrangements: Part 1. Pericyclic Reactions (S. K. Armstrong).

14. Molecular Rearrangements: Part 2. Other Reactions (A. Brandi and M. Gensini).

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