Life Coaching For Dummies

Jeni Purdie

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Become a life coach-for yourself and others-with this practical, informative guide

If you're interested in doing away with negative beliefs, making a significant change in your life, and, finally, create-and live-the life you want, life coaching is the key. In this practical introduction, you will learn the empowering techniques essential to life coaching-including putting together an action plan, getting your priorities straight, staying focused, defining true success, overcoming common obstacles, and coaching yourself to happiness.

  • With more information than ever before, this new updated edition includes material on emotional intelligence and active listening

With insights on what to expect from life coaching and how to develop your own life coaching techniques, the book offers sound advice on what it takes to become a professional life coach. If you simply want to create more balance in your life, become more productive, and enjoy a more fulfilling existence, Life Coaching For Dummies holds the answer.


Part I: The Basics of Life Coaching.

Chapter 1: Introducing Life Coaching.

Chapter 2: Deciding What You Want to Take from Coaching.

Chapter 3: Preparing for Coaching.

Part II: Your Life Coaching Journey.

Chapter 4: Becoming Your Best Self.

Chapter 5: Choosing Your Beliefs.

Chapter 6: Discovering the Values that Motivate You.

Chapter 7: Stocking Up on Powerful Questions.

Chapter 8: Taking Stock of Now.

Chapter 9: Exploring Your Options.

Chapter 10: Planning Effective Action.

Part III: Focusing on the Elements of Your Life.

Chapter 11: Career and Work.

Chapter 12: Money, Wealth and Abundance.

Chapter 13: People and Relationships.

Chapter 14: Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being.

Chapter 15: Developing and Growing.

Part IV: Working with the Themes of Coaching.

Chapter 16: Attracting the Life You Want.

Chapter 17: Coaching Yourself to Happiness.

Chapter 18: Defi ning True Success.

Chapter 19: Tackling Common Blocks.

Part V: Creating a Harmonious Whole Life.

Chapter 20: Achieving Balance.

Chapter 21: Making a Life-Changing Decision.

Chapter 22: Applying Your Coaching Skills More Widely.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Life Coaching Beliefs about Yourself.

Chapter 24: Ten Questions to Keep Your Life on Track.

Chapter 25: Ten Daily Balancing Acts.

Chapter 26: Ten Inspirational Resources.

Appendix: Considering a Future as a Professional Life Coach.


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