Writing the Earth, Darkly

Writing the Earth, Darkly

Globalization, Ecocriticism, and Desire

Hoving, Isabel

Lexington Books






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To come to terms with globalization, Caribbean writers adopt unexpected strategies. They write about flowers to help us look at race and sexuality differently. They see gardening as a means to make a violent, shapeless world livable. Writing the earth in a dark, queer turn to its materiality allows the imagining of human existence in a new way.
1.Introduction: Writing the Earth in a Globalizing World Part 1: Connectedness 2.Alterity: Trauma, Sexuality, and Nature as the Unspeakable Other 3.The Erotics of Mimesis 4.Are We All Connected? A Critique of Empathy 5.Exclusion: the Outside and the Outsider in Kincaid's writing Part 2: Diversity 6.Dwelling: Olive Senior's Assaulted Landscapes 7.Trans-: Nature, Transgression, and Transience in Surinam 8.Diversity: Writers, Multiculturalists and Ecologists in the Netherlands 9.Opacity: On the Dutch Myth of Openness 10.Matter: the Last Word
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