World Elegy

World Elegy

Perspectives on Global Affairs

Sharpes, Donald K.

Nova Science Publishers Inc






15 a 20 dias

Compiles essays on major countries throughout the world, including Lebanon, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Israel, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Cyprus, Malta, Borneo, Syria and two chapters on terrorist threats, including ISIS.
Introduction; The Mess in the Middle East; ISIS & Militant Affiliates; Letter from Lebanon; Crows Over Islamabad, Pakistan; Turmoil in Turkey: Erdogan as Sultan; China, Overshadowing the Globe; Letter from Indonesia; Israel & Palestinians; Iran & the Revolution; India, Life & Spirit; Buddhism in Thai Life; Malaysia, Islamic Democracy; Cyprus, The Magical Island; Postcard from Valetta; Borneo; A Syrian Elegy; Epilogue; Index.
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