Work in the Future

Work in the Future

The Automation Revolution

Craig, Nan; Skidelsky, Robert

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






This short, accessible book seeks to explore the future of work through the views and opinions of a range of expertise, encompassing economic, historical, technological, ethical and anthropological aspects of the debate.
1. Introduction- Robert Skidelsky and Nan Craig 2. The Future of Work - Robert Skidelsky Part I: Work in the Past 3. Patterns and Types of Work in the Past: Part 1 - Richard Donkin4. Patterns and Types of Work in the Past: Part 2 - Richard Sennett no ref5. Patterns and Types of Work in the Past: Wageworker and Housewife from a Global Perspective: Birth, Variations and Limits of the Modern Couple- Andrea Komlosy Part II: Attitudes to Work 6. Attitudes to Work and the Future of Work: the view from economics - David A. Spencer7. Attitudes to Work - Pierre-Michel Menger8. Work as an Obligation - Nan Craig Part III: Attitudes to Technology 9. Attitudes to Technology: Part 1 - Jim Bessen10. Attitudes to Technology: Part 2 - Carl Benedikt Frey no ref Part IV: Possibilities and Limitations for AI: What can't machines do? 11. What Computers Will Never Be Able To Do - Thomas Tozer12. Possibilities and Limitations for AI: what can't machines do? - Simon Colton no ref Part V: Work in the Digital Economy 13. Work in the Digital Economy - Daniel Susskind14.Two Myths about the Future of the Economy - Nick Srnicek Part VI: AI, Work and Ethics 15. AI, Ethics, and the Law - Cathy O'Neil Part VII: Policy 16. Policy for the Future of Work - David Graeber17. Automation and Working Time in the UK - Rachel Kay18. Shaping the Work of the Future: Policy Implications - Irmgard Nubler
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