Women and Evacuation in the Second World War

Women and Evacuation in the Second World War

Femininity, Domesticity and Motherhood

Andrews, Maggie (Maggie Andrews, King Alfred's College, UK)

Continuum Publishing Corporation






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Introduction 1. Myths, Memories and Memorials of Evacuation 2. Femininity, Domesticity and Motherhood 1900-1939 3. Nationalising Hundreds and Thousands of Women: A Domestic Response to a National Problem 4. The Challenges of Enforced Intimacy: Looking after Evacuees 5. Mothers Encouraged to Wave Goodbye 6. Women's Organisations and Evacuation 7. Women Were Paid to Care: Teachers, Social Workers and Psychologists 8. Afterword: The Post-war Idealisation of the Family in the Wake Evacuation Bibliography Index
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