Wind Energy for Power Generation

Wind Energy for Power Generation

Meeting the Challenge of Practical Implementation

Rao, K. R.

Springer International Publishing AG






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Other economic issues succinctly discussed inform financial commitment to a project, including investment matrices, strategies for economic evaluations, econometrics of wind energy, cost comparisons of various investment strategies, and cost comparisons with other energy sources.
Introduction and Background.- Wind Regimes, Wind Energy Resources, Potentials and Limitations.- Wind Energy Properties, Characteristics and Wind Speed Formulations.- Turbine Types and Classes.- Turbine Components and Materials.- Basic Principles, Theories and Kinetics of Wind Energy.- Aerodynamics of Blades and Airfoils.- Blade Design Aspects.- Turbine Design, Fatigue, Testing and Performance Characteristics.- Wind Electricity Generation Systems.- Grid Integration and Distribution; Transmission & Power Distribution.- Wind Energy Applications - Small, Medium Scale for Land and Off Shore Wind Farms.- Wind Power Generation - Efficiency in Buildings and Urban Design.- Hybrid and Co-Generation.- Installation and Maintenance Costs.- Wind Energy Limitations - Vibration, Noise in Operations and Reliability.- Next Generation Turbines with Advanced Technology.- Conclusions - Technical Details for Making Public Policy Decisions.- Acronyms.- References and Annotated Bibliography.- Global Wind Energy and Power Generation Options.- USA.- Europe, Canada and Australasia.- Developing Economies in India, China and Latin America.- The Middle East.- Africa and Asia.- Socioeconomic Factors.- Environmental Impacts.- Public Policy Implications.- Conclusions.- References and Bibliographic Notations.
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