Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms

From Forest to Table

Muskat, Alan

New Society Publishers






This irreverent guide to mushroom hunting addresses common misconceptions about mushrooms, as well as many questions left unanswered by top-selling mushroom identification books. Covers a wide range of topics, from why hunt mushrooms to how to prepare your bounty, and will appeal to health enthusiasts, foodies, foragers, and armchair naturalists.
Introduction PART 1: EDIBILITY Aren't most mushrooms poisonous? Don't a lot of the edible mushrooms have poisonous look alikes? What about those experts that you hear about in the news killing themselves? What's the difference between "poisonous" and "not edible?" What about when it says "poisonous to some" or "edible with caution?" What does "edibility unknown" mean? Why don't I just be normal and stay away from wild mushrooms? So how can I be careful eating mushrooms? Is it really necessary to cook mushrooms? PART 2: GATHERING When should I go mushroom hunting? Where should I go mushroom hunting? What do I take with me? What are some safety precautions and guidelines for gathering mushrooms? Is it safe to touch or smell poisonous mushrooms? Why is my mushroom moving? What do mushrooms eat? Can you hurt the mushroom population by gathering them? PART 3: IDENTIFICATION Aren't you going to explain how to identify a mushroom? What's a "spore print?". Aren't there any rules-of-thumb about edibility? What are the top ten wild mushrooms to look for? PART 4: SERVING AND PRESERVING How do I store wild mushrooms? How do I cook mushrooms? What nutritional value do mushrooms have? APPENDIX Why am I doing this? So what field guides do you recommend? What's available online? Help! Notes and credits
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