We the Resistance

We the Resistance

Documenting a History of Nonviolent Protest in the United States

Huerta, Dolores; Long, Michael; Hedges, Chris

City Lights Books






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A first-person history of nonviolent resistance in the U.S., from pre-Revolutionary America to the Trump years.
DRAFT TOC We the Resistance: Documenting Our History of Nonviolent Protest Introduced and Edited by Michael G. Long Introduction: Making America Resistant ONE The Roots of Resistance Religious Oppression We Cannot Condemn Quakers (1657) Edward Hart Redeemed of Wars (1672) John Tilton and Others I Felt a Scruple (1756) Joshua Evans Unjustly Taxed (1774) Isaac Backus Slavery Buy Slaves to Free Them (1693) George Keith I am but a poor SLave (1723) Anonymous Slave Indian Removal and Extermination I Have No King (1727) Loron Sauguaarum Not One Single Inch (1752) Atiwaneto Taxation Without Representation The People Are the Proper Judge (1750) Jonathan Mayhew Tea Overboard (1773) George Hewes No Money for the Revolutionary War (1776, 1797) Job Scott Grant Us Relief from Taxation (1780) John Cuffe and Others TWO Abolishing Slavery Black Resistance Like Sheep for Slaughter (1788) Elizabeth Freeman and Prince Hall They Do Not Consider Us as Men (1813) John Fortren Are We Men? (1829) David Walker The Fifth of July (1832) Peter Osbourne I Won't Obey It! (1850) Jermaine Wesley Loguen What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? (1852) Frederick Douglass He Took Hold of Me and I Took Hold of the Window Sash (1854) Elizabeth Jennings The Next Thing to Hell (1856) Harriet Tubman White Resistance Women Overthrowing Slavery (1836) Angelina Grimke Escape on the Pearl (1848) Donald Drayton Resistance to Civil Government (1849) Henry David Thoreau Was John Brown Justified? (1859) William Lloyd Garrison THREE Protesting Early Wars The War of 1812 and the Civil War A Manifestly Unjust War (1812) Boston Committee The Slavery of the Sword (1861) Alfred Love Indian Removal and White Man's Wars The Audacious Practices of Unprincipled Men (1836) Chief John Ross Kiss the Foot That Crushes Us? (1842) Colored People's Press The Negro Will Be Exterminated Soon Enough (1898) Henry McNeal Turner Hypocrisy of the Most Sickening Kind (1899) Lewis H. Douglass FOUR Striking Against Industrialists Petition for a Ten-Hour Workday (1845) Sarah Bagley Petition Against Terrorism (1871) Colored National Labor Union Will You Organize? (1877) Albert Parsons We Have 4,000 Men (1891) Black Waterfront Workers of Savannah A Petition in Boots (1894) James Coxey George Pullman, Ulcer on the Body Politic (1894) Pullman Workers The Wail of the Children (1903) Mother Jones The Uprising of the 20,000 (1909) Clara Lemlich Wage Slavery (1912) Textile Workers of Lawrence, Massachusetts FIVE The Early Fight for Women's Rights The Right to Vote All Men and Women Are Created Equal (1848) Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Others Strong as Any Man (1851) Sojourner Truth I Return My Tax Bill (1858) Lucy Stone Amend the Constitution (1866) Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucy Stone, and Others Robbed of Citizenship (1873) Susan B. Anthony Why Women Want to Vote (1913) Anna Howard Shaw The Paramount Political Issue (1915) Women's Voter Convention The Lucretia Mott Amendment (1923) Alice Paul The Right to Sex and Love Protest of Marriage (1855) Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell I Am a Free Lover (1871) Victoria C. Woodhull Sexual Love Is Not Exclusive (1878) Ezra Heywood A Rapture So Exquisite (1900) Ida C. Craddock Marriage and Love Have Nothing in Common (1910) Emma Goldman What Every Woman Needs to Know (1922) Margaret Sanger SIX World War I I Pledge Myself Against Enlistment (1915) Tracy Mygatt and the Anti-Enlistment League I Denounce the Governing Class (1915) Kate Richards O'Hare Strike Against War (1916) Helen Keller The Darker Races and Avaricious Capitalists (1917) A.Philip Randolph and Chandler Owen A Deliberate Violator (1918) Roger N. Baldwin The Children's Crusade for Amnesty (1922) Kate Richards O'Hare and Frank O'Hare SEVEN Battling the Great Depression A Bolshevik Revolution in Lawrence? (1919) A.J. Muste The Usual Policy of Terrorism (1919) William Z. Foster Don't Starve! Organize! (1932) Ford Hunger Marchers Camping for the Bonus Check (1932) Bonus Army Veterans We Poor Peoples Need You (1935) Anonymous Sharecropper Death Watch (1935) League of the Physically Handicapped The Flynt Sit-Down Strike (1937) United Auto Workers Cracking and Shelling and Striking (1938) Emma Zepeda Tenayuca and the Texas Pecan Shellers Union EIGHT World War II War Shall Be Illegal (1926) Women's Peace Union Students Strike Against War (1935) Joseph P. Lash Jim Crow and National Defense (1941) A.Philip Randolph I Cannot Honorably Participate (1943) Robert Lowell I Must Resist (1943) Bayard Rustin The Internment of Japanese Citizens (1944) Fred Korematsu and Frank Murphy A Racist Charge of Mutiny (1944) Thurgood Marshall Against Dropping Atomic Bombs on Japan (1945) Leo Szilard Judgment on Jubilation (1945) Dorothy Day NINE The Civil Rights Movement Preparing the Way Human Holocaust Under the Stars and Stripes (1909) Ida B. Wells-Barnett We March for the Butchered Dead (1917) Charles Martin and the Negro Silent Protest Parade We Return Fighting (1919) E. B. DuBois We Demand Complete Control (1920) Marcus Garvey Communists for the Scottsboro Boys (1933) Thomas Stamm Jim Crow in the Armed Forces (1948) Bayard Rustin Another Historic Supreme Court Decision (1952) Thurgood Marshall and Others The Lynching of Emmett Till (1955) Paul Robeson Dogs, Cats, and Colored People (1955) George Grant From Rosa Parks to the Poor People's Campaign Don't Ride the Bus (1955) Jo Ann Gibson Robinson We Shall Have to Lead Our People to You (1957) Southern Negro Leaders Conference The Racist Policy of Apartheid (1957) George Houser and the American Committee on Africa More Than a Hamburger (1960) Ella Baker We're Going to Keep Coming (1961) Jim Zwerg A Living Petition (1963) Bayard Rustin I Call Now for an Uprising (1963) Bayard Rustin I Didn't Try to Register for You (1964) Fannie Lou Hamer Alabama Negroes Are "Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired" (No Date) No Name The Right to Throw Off Such Government (1966) Huey Newton and Bobby Seale Economic and Social Bill of Rights (1968) Bayard Rustin TEN Atomic Bombs and the Vietnam War ICBMs and the Cuban Missile Crisis Statement on Omaha Action (1955) Marjorie Swann An Appeal by Government Scientists (1958) Linus Pauling Openly Against Civil Defense (TBA) Women Strike for Peace President Kennedy, Be Careful (TBA) Women Strike for Peace Ring Around the Pentagon (1972) Women Strike for Peace Hell No, We Won't Go March on Washington to End the Vietnam War (1965) Students for a Democratic Society A Draft for the Freedom Fight in the US (1965) Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority (1967) Marcus Raskin and Arthur Waskow Our Apologies, Good Friends (1968) Daniel Berrigan and the Catonsville Nine Stop Dow and Napalm (1969) University of Michigan Students For the People (1970) National Chicano Moratorium Committee If the Government Doesn't Stop the War, We Will Stop the Government (1971) Mayday Tribe ELEVEN The Expanding Civil Rights Movement Red Power Fish-Ins (1964) Janet McCloud The Occupation of Alcatraz (1969) Indians of All Tribes The Occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (1972) American Indian Movement The Occupation of Wounded Knee (1973) Red Tide Students The Longest Walk (1978) American Indian Movement Chicano Power La Huelga and La Causa Is Our Cry (1966) Dolores Huerta BLOWOUTS-BABY-BLOWOUTS!! (1968) Chicano Students in East Los Angeles El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan (1969) First National Chicano Liberation Youth Conference To Resist with Every Ounce (1969) Cesar Chavez Hasta Le Victoria Siempre! (1970) Young Lords Le Marcha de la Reconquista (1971) Rosalio Munoz and the Chicano Moratorium Committee Yellow Power The Yellow Power Movement (1969) Amy Uyematsu The Right to Assert Our Yellow Identity (1969) Asian American Political Alliance From Colonies to Communities (1969) Asian Community Center Gay Power Ejected from Dewey's (1965) Janus Society Homosexuals March on the White House (1965) Frank Kameny Young Homos Picket Compton's (1966) Vanguard Christopher Street Liberation Day (1970) Gay Liberation Front Women Power Underground Abortion (1969) Jane We Call on All Our Sisters (1969) Redstockings Women Power (1970) Bella Abzug and the Third World Alliance Welfare Is a Women's Issue (1972) Johnnie Tilmon Speak-Out Against Sexual Harassment (1975) Working Women United and Others Disability Power Sitting Against Nixon (1972) Judy Heumann The Vegetables Are Rising (1977) Ed Roberts Deaf President Now (1988) Gallaudet Students TWELVE Environmental Justice and Animal Liberation Saving Earth Earth Day (1970) Gaylord Nelson I Can Find No Natural Balance with a Nuclear Plant (1975) Sam Lovejoy Oppose, Resist, Subvert (1981) Edward Abbey Occupy the Forest (1985) Earth Firsters Nuclear Waste on Our Homeland (1995) Lower Colorado River Tribes Freeing the Animals Rescuing the Monkeys (1981) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals A Necessary Fuss (1984) Animal Liberation Front Don't Call Avon (1989) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals The Hegins Pigeon Shoot (1996) Fund for Animals THIRTEEN The Nuclear Arms Race, Central America, and the Gulf War Anti-Nuclear Campaigns Declaration of Nuclear Resistance (1976) Clamshell Alliance Making the World Truly Safe (1979) Randall Forsberg Unity Statement (1980) Grace Paley The Wars in Central America We Join in Covenant to Provide Sanctuary (1982) Bay Area Sanctuary Movement Against the War in Central America (1983) David Cortright The Illegal Invasion of Panama (1989) Matthew Rothschild The Gulf War An Attack Against People of Color (1990) Azania Howse I Will Resist (1990) Jeff Paterson Unjustifiable Destruction (1991) Ramsey Clark FOURTEEN The Expanding Movement for Gay Rights and Women's Rights Lesbian and Gay Rights I Am Proud to Raise My Voice Today (1979) Audre Lorde The Right to Lesbian and Gay Sex (1987) The March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights We Take That Fire and Make It Our Own (1993) The Lesbian Avengers The AIDS Crisis You Could Be Dead in Five Years (1987) ACT UP Why We Fight (1988) Vito Russo Sexual Harassment, Abortion, and Black Women Clarence Thomas, Sexual Harasser (1991) Anita Hill March for Women's Lives (1992) Patricia Ireland and Faye Wattleton The Million Woman March (1997) Phile Chionesu and Asia Coney FIFTEEN Defending Labor and Immigrants You Are Not Alone (1981) Lane Kirkland Boycotting Shell (1986) United Mineworkers of America Globalization Without Representation (1999) People for Fair Trade No Sweatshops (1999) SOLE Latino March on Washington (1996) Coordinadora 96 SIXTEEN The War on Terror Isn't This Really About Oil? (2002) Medea Benjamin Calling All Americans to Resist War and Repression (2002) Not in Our Name Let the Virtual March Begin (2003) Win Without War Bring Our Troops Home (2005) Cindy Sheehan Shut Down Creech (2016) Anti-Drone Activists SEVENTEEN Making the New Century Resistant Mining, Pipelines, and Climate Warming End Mountaintop Removal (2010) Appalachia Rising The Biggest Carbon Bomb in North America (2011) Tar Sands Action Together, We Rise (2017) Dave Archambault And So We Resist Climate Warming (2017) Bill McKibben LGBT Rights to Serve and Marry Chained to Serve Openly (2010) Get EQUAL A Rogue Clerk and the Failed Defense of Marriage (2013) Bruce Hanes and Anthony Kennedy Shaking Booties for Mike Pence (2017) WERK for Peace Targeting Transgender Troops (2017) Human Rights Campaign Reasserting the Power of Women Every Feminist Is an Organizer (2004) Dolores Huerta Our Pussies Ain't for Grabbin' (2017) The Women's March and America Ferrera Fearless Girl (2017) Susan Cox Occupying Wall Street and Washington Killing Big Insurance (2009) Mobilization for Health Care for All Occupy, I Love You (2011) Naomi Klein Moral Mondays (2013) William Barber II Time to Withdraw Big Money from Politics (2016) Democracy Spring and Democracy Uprising Freeing Slaves in Prison (2016) Support Prisoner Resistance Not Our President (2017) John Lewis and Others Dying for Health Care (2017) ADAPT Legalizing Immigrants We Want a Legalization Process (2006) Luis Gutierrez, Gloria Romero, and Others DREAMers Stop Deportation Bus (2013) United We Dream Protect the Rights of Immigrants (2017) American Civil Liberties Union We Pledge to Resist for Immigrants (2017) Alison Harrington Trump Seems to Have Made Me an Alien (2017) Mo Farah Black Lives Matter Our Son Is Your Son (2012) Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fountain Riding to Ferguson (2014) Black Lives Matter Murder in Charlottesville (2017) TBA March on Washington for Racial Justice (2017) TBA Conclusion: Where to Resist from Here?