Violent Accounts

Violent Accounts

Understanding the Psychology of Perpetrators through South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Kraft, Robert N.

New York University Press






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Presents a compelling study of how ordinary people commit extraordinary acts of violence and how perpetrators and victims manage in the aftermath. Grounded in extensive, qualitative analysis of perpetrator testimony, this book reveals the individual experiences of perpetrators and general patterns of influence that lead to collective violence.
Acknowledgments Introduction: Crimes of Allegiance 1. Regarding Perpetrators: Studying Collective Violence 2. Apartheid and Amnesty: Managing a History of Sustained Oppression 3. Understanding Crimes of Allegiance: Patterns of Violent Influence 4. Uncovering Truth: Confronting Perpetrators and Victims 5. Reconciling Testimony: A Work in Progress 6. Beyond the TRC: Negotiating the Aftermath of Collective Violence Conclusions: Learning from the Violence of Others Appendix Notes Bibliography Index About the Author
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