Violence and Non-Violence across Time

Violence and Non-Violence across Time

History, Religion and Culture

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List of Figures. Contributors. Preface 1. Violence and Non-Violence Across Time: An Abiding Puzzle Sudhir Chandra 2. The Negation of Violence in the Vedic Sacrifice Charles Malamoud 3. Is Violence Intrinsic to Religious Confrontation? The Case of Judeo-Christian Controversy, 2nd-17th Century Philippe Bobichon 4. What Inspires Non-Violence and Violence in Islam? Some Religious and Historical Factors Suleiman A. Mourad 5. Buddhism and 'Violence': Reading the Medieval War Chronicle The Tales of Heike Rajyashree Pandey 6. Between Military Strength and Non-Violence: Experience and Symbolic Use of Elephants in European Cultures Jose E. Burucua and Nicolas Kwiatkowski 7. Violence in the Philosophy of Saint-Simon Pierre Musso 8. Non-Violence, Identity, Sympathy: A Meditation Alok Bhalla 9. Some Unfashionable Observations on Non-Violence Marc Chopplet 10. Being the Object of Others: Social Distancing and Non-Violence: The Conditionalities of Dalits and Slums Martin Fuchs 11. Representations of Violence and Non-Violence in Palestinian Society Abaher El Sakka 12. War against Disease without Violence to Clinical Trial Participants? Roger Jeffery 13. Being Truthful to 'Reality': Grounds of Non-Violence in Ascetic and Mystical Traditions Cristina Ciucu
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