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Table of contents Acknowledgements Introduction: The Habitations of Violence in India by Kalpana Kannabiran I VIOLENCE AND THE POLITICAL Violence and the Political: Thinking across Traditions by Aditya Nigam Violence and the Colonial Order: India under British Rule by David Arnold State Formation, Minoritization, and Violence in Postcolonial India by T.K. Oommen Muslim Citizenship, Identity, and Violence in India by Abdul Shaban II WHAT IS TO BE DONE ABOUT CASTE? Caste Violence against Dalits: Causes and Remedy by Anand Teltumbde Violence and Politics: Two Cases of Dalit Women in Uttar Pradesh by Badri Narayan 's Indictment of the Hindu Social Order by V. Geetha III GENEALOGIES OF GENDER, POWER, AND RESISTANCE The Unruly Margins: Reflections on Violence in Public in Mumbai by Shilpa Phadke Witches: Through Changing Contexts Women Remain the Target by Dev Nathan, Govind Kelkar, and Shivani Satija Unearthing a Terrible Beauty: Violence and the Politics of Choices in Assam by Sanjay Barbora IV THE IMPUNITY GRID Indian Maoism: As Victim and Agency of Violence by Sumanta Banerjee The Violence of Postcolonial Spaces: Kudankulam by Itty Abraham On Structural Violence by Akhil Gupta The Economics of Violence and the Violence of Economics by Jayati Ghosh
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