Understanding and Teaching Primary Geography

Understanding and Teaching Primary Geography

Catling, Simon J; Willy, Tessa

SAGE Publications Ltd






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This book supports trainee and beginning teachers to develop their knowledge and understanding and enable them to plan and teach outstanding geography lessons in primary schools.
Introduction PART 1: Understanding primary geography Geography in primary schools Valuing geography; the importance and nature of geography Children's geographies: experience, awareness and understanding Exploring places; key ideas in understanding places Understanding the environment: aspects of physical, human and environmental geography Exploring sustainability: environmental impact, sustainability and sustainable schools Geography and social justice: citizenship, equity and controversial issues Understanding geographical enquiry Experiencing and visualising geography: fieldwork, photographs, artefacts and maps PART 2: Exploring geography teaching and curriculum In the beginning: geographical learning in the early years Investigating the school and its grounds Exploring locally, regionally and nationally Exploring global dimensions and places elsewhere in the world Planning primary geography teaching Assessing geographical learning Developing learning in primary geography education Appendices
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