Understanding and Teaching Primary Geography

Understanding and Teaching Primary Geography

Catling, Simon J; Willy, Tessa

SAGE Publications Ltd






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This book supports trainee and beginning teachers to develop their knowledge and understanding and enable them to plan and teach outstanding geography lessons in primary schools.
Introduction PART 1: Understanding Primary Geography Geography in Primary Schools Valuing Geography; The Importance and Nature of Geography Children's Geographies: Experience, Awareness and Understanding Exploring Places; Key Ideas in Understanding Places Appreciating the Environment: Aspects of Physical and Human Geography Exploring Sustainability: Environmental Impact, Sustainability and Sustainable Schools Geography and Social Justice: Citizenship, Equality and Controversy Understanding Geographical Enquiry Experiencing and Visualising Geography: Fieldwork, Photographs and Mapwork PART 2: Exploring Geography Teaching and Curriculum In the Beginning: Geography in the Early Years Investigating the School and its Grounds Exploring Locally and Further Afield: Locality, Region and Nation Exploring Global Dimensions and Overseas Localities Planning Geography Teaching Assessing Geographical Learning Conclusion: Developing Learning in Geography Education Appendices
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