Translating Women

Translating Women

Different Voices and New Horizons

Nancy, Tsai; Von Flotow, Luise; Farahzad, Farzaneh

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Part I: The Role of Women Translators 1. Woman Translators in Contemporary Iran Farzaneh Farahzad 2. Negotiating Western and Muslim Feminine Identities through Translation: Western Female Converts Translating the Quran Rim Hassen Part II: Applying Feminism in Translation 3. Translational Beginnings and Origin/izing Stories: (Re)Writing the History of the Contemporary Feminist Movement in Turkey Emek Ergun 4. Translating into Democracy: The Politics of Translation, Our Bodies, Ourselves, and the "Other Europe" Anna Bogic 5. De-Feminizing Translation: To Make Women Visible in Japanese Translation Hiroko Furukawa 6. Translation with Fluctuating Feminist Intention: Letras y Encajes: A Colombian Women's Magazine of the 1930s Maria Victoria Tipiani Lopera Part III: Translating Women Authors in Context 7. Three's a Crowd: The Translator-Author-Publisher and the Engineering of Girls of Riyadh for an Anglophone Readership Marilyn Booth 8. The Travels of a Cuban Feminist Discourse: Ena Lucia Portela's Transgressive Writing Strategies in Translation. Arianne Des Rochers 9. Gender and the Chinese Context: The 1956 and 1999 Versions of Doris Lessing's The Grass Is Singing Li Hongyu 10. Manipulating Simone de Beauvoir: A Study of Chinese Translations of The Second Sex Liu Haiping (Nicki) Part IV: Feminist Translation Projects 11. Voices from the Therigatha: Framing Western Feminisms in Sinhala Translation Kanchuka Dharmasiri 12. Meridiano 105 Degrees: An E-Anthology of Women Poets in Mexican and Canadian Indigenous Languages Claudia Lucotti and Maria Antonieta Rosas 13. The Translation of Islamic Feminism at CERFI in Morocco Bouchra Laghzali