Towards Better Disagreement

Towards Better Disagreement

Religion and Atheism in Dialogue

Hedges, Paul

Jessica Kingsley Publishers






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Considering common topics of disagreement between atheists and religious believers, Hedges exposes the truth about issues such as gender, violence and science. Rejecting the popular perception of atheism and religion as polar opposites, he advocates for better understanding, and better disagreement, between the two.
1. Setting the Debate in Context. 2. Books and Beliefs: Choosing and Interpreting Texts. 3. Authority Figures: Jesus and the Others. 4. God, Gods and Reality. 5. Religions: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 6. Women, Bodies and Gender. 7. Human Animals, Non-human Animals, and the Universe Around Us. 8. Living in a Religiously Diverse, Post-Christian and Post-Secular World. Further Reading. Index.
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