Time and Work, Volume 2

Time and Work, Volume 2

How time impacts groups, organizations and methodological choices

Fried, Yitzhak (Syracuse University, USA); Shipp, Abbie J. (Texas A&M University, US)

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1. Yitzhak Fried and Abbie J. Shipp, Time Research in Management: How Time Impacts Groups, Organizations, and Methodological Choices. 2. John E. Mathieu, Michael R. Kukenberger, and Lauren D'Innocenzo, Time and Teams. 3. David V. Day, Time and Leadership. 4. C. Ashley Fulmer, Brandon Crosby, and Michele J. Gelfand, Cross-Cultural Perspectives and Time. 5. Robert E. Ployhart and Donald Hale, Jr., Human Resource Management is Out of Time. 6. Brett Anitra Gilbert, Conceptualizing Time in Entrepreneurship. 7. Scott F. Turner, The Temporal Dimension of Routines and their Outcomes: Exploring the Role of Time in the Capabilities and Practice Perspectives. 8. David Chan, Time and Methodological Choices.
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