Thread Stories

Thread Stories

A Visual Guide to Creating Stunning Stitched Portrait Quilts

Day, Jennifer

C & T Publishing






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Turn your own photos of people and animals into one-of-a-kind story quilts, as you learn to masterfully stitch in the details. This step-by-step visual guide takes you from photo selection to editing, printing on fabric, thread painting, and free-motion quilting.
Introduction: Quilts Are Stories Photographs That Tell a Story Elements of a Great Photo Editing the Photo Tools and Supplies Sewing Machine Free-Motion Presser Foot Printable Paper-Backed Fabric Canvas Batting Scissors and Thread Snips Ruler Backing and Binding Fabric Threads! Gutermann Thread Precencia Thread Isacord Embroidery Thread Silk Thread Variegated Thread Photographs and Cameras Environmental Portraits Cropping Digital Cameras and Image Size Copyright Pixels, Megapixels, Resolution, PPI, and DPI Using Photo-editing Software to Prepare Your Photos Make Your Photo the Best It Can Be Posterization More Posterization Examples Printing on Fabric Types of Fabric Sizes of Fabric Poster Printing Getting Started Making a Quilt Sandwich Blending is Key Stitching Direction The Eyes Have It The Iris The Whites Stitching the Eyes Highlights Eyelashes Blending Skin Tones Auditioning Threads Starting the Blending Process Elisha (Diverse Skin Tones) Judy (Older Skin) Texture Lips Eyes Carson (Youth) Hair Dark Hair Streaks of Light White and Gray Hair Blondes Hands Elderly Hands Young Hands Clothing Using Free-motion Quilting Completely Covering in Thread Applique Combination Pet Portraits Taking the Perfect Pet Portrait Eyes Mouth Fur Whiskers Birds Free-motion Quilting Choosing a Free-motion Design Correcting Mistakes Don't Bee Too Hard On Yourself Using Applique Cutting to Remove Bubbles Covering Over White Dots The Flip Side Portrait Artists Barbara McKie Jayne Bently Gaskins Laura Rocke... //fill in later Student work Additional Jennifer Day Quilts Resources About the Author
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