Thomas Reid on Mind, Knowledge, and Value

Thomas Reid on Mind, Knowledge, and Value

Copenhaver, Rebecca (Lewis & Clark College); Buras, Todd (Baylor University)

Oxford University Press






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This volume offers a fresh view of the work of Thomas Reid, and its significance in his time and ours. A team of leading experts address three broad themes in Reid's philosophy: mind, knowledge, and value. They reveal the vitality of Reid's work, and explore the ways in which current philosophers are engaging with his ideas.
Introduction ; 1. Thomas Reid's Experimentum Crucis ; 2. Reid on Instinctive Exertions and the Spatial Contents of Sensations ; 3. Perceptual and Imaginative Conception: The Distinction that Reid Missed ; 4. Four Questions about Acquired Perception ; 5. Seeing White and Wrong: Reid on the Role of Sensation in Perception ; 6. Thomas Reid on Aesthetic Perception ; 7. Thomas Reid's Expressivist Aesthetics ; 8. Reid on Aesthetic Response and the Perception of Beauty ; 9. Pragmatism and Reid's 'Third Way' ; 10. The Defense of the First Principles of Common Sense in Reid's Epistemology: A New Use for Track-Record Arguments ; 11. Theism, Coherence and Justification in Reid's Epistemology ; 12. Does Reid have Anything to Say to (the New) Hume? ; 13. Reid on Favors, Injuries and the Natural Virtues of Justice
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