Thermal Stresses-Advanced Theory and Applications

Thermal Stresses-Advanced Theory and Applications

Eslami, M. Reza; Hetnarski, Richard B.

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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This text on Thermal Stresses covers linear and non-linear problems and offers a chapter on Creep Analysis due to Thermal Stresses. It also contains numerous applications, solved problems in the text, and problems at the end of each chapter.
Chapter 1: Basic Laws of Thermoelasticity.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Stresses and Tractions.- 3 Equations of Motion.- 4 Coordinate Transformation. Principal Axes.- 5 Principal Stresses and Stress Invariants.- 6 Displacement and Strain Tensor.- 7 Compatibility Equations. Simply Connected Region.- 8 Compatibility Conditions. Multiply Connected Regions.- 9 Constitutive Laws of Linear Thermoelasticity.- 10 Displacement Formulation of Thermoelasticity.- 11 Stress Formulation of Thermoelasticity.- 12 Two-Dimensional Thermoelasticity.- 13 Michell Conditions.- 14 Problems.- Chapter 2: Thermodynamics of Elastic Continuum.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Thermodynamics Definitions.- 3 First Law of Thermodynamics.- 4 Second Law of Thermodynamics.- 5 Variational Formulation of Thermodynamics.- 6 Thermodynamics of Elastic Continuum.- 7 General Theory of Thermoelasticity.- 8 Free Energy Function of Hookean Materials.- 9 Fourier's Law and Heat Conduction Equation.- 10 Generalized Thermoelasticity, Second Sound.- 11 Thermoelasticity without Energy Dissipation.- 12 A Unified Generalized Thermoelasticity.- 13 Uniqueness Theorem.- 14 Variational Principle of Thermoelasticity.- 15 Reciprocity Theorem.- 16 Initial and Boundary Conditions.- 17 Problems.- Chapter 3: Basic Problems of Thermoelasticity.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Temperature Distribution for Zero Thermal Stress.- 3 Analogy of Thermal Gradient with Body Forces.- 4 General Solution of Thermoelastic Problems.- 5 Solution of Two-Dimensional Navier Equations.- 6 General Solution in Cylindrical Coordinates.- 7 Solution of Problems in Spherical Coordinates.- 8 Problems.- Chapter 4: Heat Conduction Problems.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Problems in Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates.- 3 Problems in Cylindrical Coordinates.- 4 Problems in Spherical Coordinates.- 5 Problems.- Chapter 5: Thermal Stresses in Beams.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Thermal Stresses in Beams.- 3 Deflection Equation of Beams.- 4 Boundary Conditions.- 5 Shear Stress in a Beam.- 6 Beams of Rectangular Cross Section.- 7 Transient Stresses in Rectangular Beams.- 8 Beam with Internal Heat Generation.- 9 Bimetallic Beam.- 10 Functionally Graded Beams.- 11 Transient Stresses in FGM Beams.- 12 Thermal Stresses in Thin Curved Beams and Rings.- 13 Deflection of Thin Curved Beams and Rings.- 14 Problems.- Chapter 6: Disks, Cylinders, and Spheres 2591 Introduction.- 2 Cylinders with Radial Temperature Variation.- 3 Thermal Stresses in Disks.- 4 Thick Spheres.- 5 Thermal Stresses in a Rotating Disk.- 6 Non-axisymmetrically Heated Cylinders.- 7 Method of Complex Variables.- 8 Functionally Graded Thick Cylinders.- 9 Axisymmetric Stresses in FGM Cylinders.- 10 Transient Thermal Stresses in Thick Spheres.- 11 Functionally Graded Spheres .- 12 Problems.- Chapter 7: Thermal Expansion in Piping Systems.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Definition of the Elastic Center.- 3 Piping Systems in Two Dimensions.- 4 Piping Systems in Three Dimensions.- 5 Pipelines with Large Radius Elbows.- 6 Stiffness Method.- 7 Rotation Matrix.- 8 Transformation Matrix.- 9 Flexibility Matrix of a Single Member.- 10 Flexibility Matrix of a Branch.- 11 Flexibility Matrix of a Straight Member.- 12 Flexibility Matrix of a Bend Member.- 13 Problems.- Chapter 8: Coupled and Generalized Thermoelasticity.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Governing Equations of Coupled Thermoelasticity.- 3 Coupled Thermoelasticity for Infinite Space.- 4 Variable Heat Source.- 5 One-Dimensional Coupled Problem.- 6 Propagation of Discontinuities.- 7 Half-Space Subjected to a Harmonic Temperature.- 8 Coupled Thermoelasticity of Thick Cylinders.- 9 Green-Naghdi Model of a Layer.- 10 Generalized Thermoelasticity of Layers.- 11 Generalized Thermoelasticity in Spheres and Cylinders.- 12 Problems.- Chapter 9: Finite and Boundary Element Methods.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Galerkin Finite Element.- 3 Functionally Graded Layers.- 4 Coupled Thermoelasticity of Thick Spheres.- 5 Generalized Thermoelasticity of FG Spheres.- 6 Generalized Thermoelasticity of FG Disk.- 7 Higher Order Elements.- 8 Functionally Graded Beams.- 9 Thermally Nonlinear GeneralizedThermoelasticity.- 10 Boundary Element Formulation.- Chapter 10: Thermally Induced Vibrations.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Thermally Induced Vibrations of Isotropic Beams.- 3 Thermally Induced Vibration of FGM Beams.- 4 Thermally Induced Vibration of Shallow Arches.- Chapter 11: Creep Analysis.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Creep of Metals.- 3 Constitutive Equation of Uniaxial Creep.- 4 Creep Relaxation, Linear Rheological Models.- 5 Three-Dimensional Governing Equations.- 6 Creep Potential, General Theory of Creep.- 7 Stress Function for Creep Problems.- 8 Creep Linearization.- 9 Creep Relaxation of Axisymmetric Stresses.- 10 Creep Relaxation of Non-axisymmetric Stresses.- 11 Thermoelastic Creep Relaxation in Beams.12 Problems.- Subject Index.
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