wines of Austria

wines of Austria

Brook, Stephen

Infinite Ideas Limited






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Austrian wine has experienced a sensational quality boom in the last 20 years and is regarded as a marvel in the wine world. Stephen Brook's The wines of Austria introduces Austrian terroir and grape varieties before supplying a comprehensive guide to the 16 key wine regions. A final chapter assesses vintages, analysing the last 10 years in detail.
Introduction 1. Grape varieties Part 1: Lower Austria 2. Wachau 3. Kremstal 4. Kamptal 5. Traisental 6. Wagram 7. Weinviertel 8. Carnuntum 9. Thermenregion Part 2: Burgenland 10. Leithaberg (Neusiedlersee Hugelland) 11. Neusiedlersee 12. Mittelburgenland 13. Eisenberg (Sudburgenland) Part 3: Steiermark (Styria) 14. Vulkanland Steiermark (Sudoststeiermark) 15. Sudsteiermark 16. Weststeiermark Part 4: Vienna 17. Vienna Part 5 18. Vintages Glossary Index of wineries
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