Work of Literary Translation

Work of Literary Translation

Scott, Clive (University of East Anglia)

Cambridge University Press






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Explores a literary translation dedicated more to the reader's perception and experience of text than to textual interpretation.
Introduction; Part I. Thinking One's Way into Literary Translation: Concepts and Readings: 1. Cartesian reading; 2. Untranslatability; 3. Translation and music; 4. The language of translation; 5. Voice in translation; 6. Orality; 7. Multilingualism; 8. Frontiers; 9. Cultures; 10. Choice as work; 11. The temporal nature of text; 12. The notion of the future of the text; Part II. Translation among the Disciplines: 1. Understanding translation as an eco-poetics; 2. Translation as an agent of anthropological/ethnographic awareness; 3. Translation and the re-conception of comparative literature; 4. Translation in pursuit of an appropriate aesthetics; Part III. The Paginal Art of Translation: 5. Text and page: margin and rhythm; 6. Translation and situating the self: punctuation and rhythm; 7. Translation and vocal behaviour: typography and rhythm; 8. Translation as scansion: capturing the multiplicity of rhythm; Conclusion.
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