Work of Literary Translation

Work of Literary Translation

Scott, Clive (University of East Anglia)

Cambridge University Press






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Clive Scott argues that translation should be more concerned with triggering creative textual thinking in the reader than testing the hermeneutic skills of the translater. Translation thus understood deepens our thinking about languages, ecology, cultures, textual relationships and aesthetics, and challenges us to creative re-imaginings of text.
Introduction; Part I. Thinking One's Way into Literary Translation: Concepts and Readings: 1. Cartesian reading; 2. Untranslatability; 3. Translation and music; 4. The language of translation; 5. Voice in translation; 6. Orality; 7. Multilingualism; 8. Frontiers; 9. Cultures; 10. Choice as work; 11. The temporal nature of text; 12. The notion of the future of the text; Part II. Translation among the Disciplines: 1. Understanding translation as an eco-poetics; 2. Translation as an agent of anthropological/ethnographic awareness; 3. Translation and the re-conception of comparative literature; 4. Translation in pursuit of an appropriate aesthetics; Part III. The Paginal Art of Translation: 5. Text and page: margin and rhythm; 6. Translation and situating the self: punctuation and rhythm; 7. Translation and vocal behaviour: typography and rhythm; 8. Translation as scansion: capturing the multiplicity of rhythm; Conclusion.
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