Way to Make Wine

Way to Make Wine

How to Craft Superb Table Wines at Home

Warrick, Sheridan

University of California Press






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Reveals everything needed to make delicious wines - both reds and whites - from start to finish. This book divulges the many practical advances made in the past few decades and demonstrates that do-it-yourself winemaking is now simpler and more rewarding than ever. It shows that making your own wine is not only easy but also a pleasure.
List of Illustrations and Tables Introduction: Real Wine, Real Enjoyment PART ONE: SUCCESS WITH REDS AND WHITES 1 Grapes and Other Ingredients 2 The Ins and Outs of a Home Winery 3 When Red Means Go 4 Then a Miracle Happens 5 A Pressing Engagement 6 The Quiet Stage 7 Watchful Waiting 8 Bottling and Beyond 9 Vive la Difference! 10 Clear and Clean Part One Recap: Winemaking Step by Step PART TWO: MAKING EVEN BETTER WINE 11 Bringing in the Yeasts 12 A Dozen Classic Styles 13 Getting a Grip on Your Grapes 14 Testing, Testing 15 Taking Control 16 Mastering Sulfur Dioxide 17 Making the Wine You Wish You'd Made Suppliers and Laboratories Further Reading Acknowledgments Index
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