Sublime in Schopenhauer's Philosophy

Sublime in Schopenhauer's Philosophy

Vandenabeele, Bart

Palgrave Macmillan






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The Sublime in Schopenhauer's Philosophy transforms our understanding of Schopenhauer's aesthetics and anthropology. Vandenabeele seeks ultimately to rework Schopenhauer's theory into a viable form so as to establish the sublime as a distinctive aesthetic category with a broader existential and metaphysical significance.
Introduction PART I: AESTHETIC CONTEMPLATION 1. Pessimism, Aesthetic Experience, and Genius 2. Sensory Perception and Aesthetic Contemplation PART II: THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE SUBLIME 3. The Aesthetics of the Beautiful 4. The Aesthetics of the Sublime 5. A Psychological Alternative to Schopenhauer's Theory of the Sublime PART III: VALUES OF THE SUBLIME 6. Tragedy, Ethics, and the Sublime 7. The Existential and Metaphysical Value of the Sublime Bibliography Index
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