Shakespeare User

Shakespeare User

Critical and Creative Appropriations in a Networked Culture

Fazel, Valerie M.; Geddes, Louise

Springer International Publishing AG






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1 Introduction: The Shakespeare User.- 2 South of Elsinore: Actions that A Man Might Play.- 3 Beyond The Tempest: Language, Legitimacy, and La Frontera.- 4 Young Turks or Corporate Clones? Cognitive Capitalism and the (Young) User in the Shakespearean Attention Economy.- 5 Circum-Global Transmission of Value: Leveraging Henry V's Cultural Inheritance.- 6 Shakespeare Fanboys and Fangirls and the Work of Play.- 7 Theorizing User Agency in YouTube Shakespeare.- 8 The Haunted Network: Shakespeare's Digital Ghost.- 9 Shakespeare and Disciplinarity.- 10 Who, or What, is a Shakespeare User?.- 11 Shakespeare and the Undead.
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