Resolution Zone

Resolution Zone

A revolutionary new understanding of the causes of diet-induced inflammation and its resolution

Sears, Barry

Hammersmith Health Books






Inflammation is a key aspect of our response to infection and injury but causes chronic problems if it does not RESOLVE. Barry Sears explains what this means in practice and the principles of pro-resolution nutrition so that we can all maintain ourselves in 'the Zone' - the physiological state of optimal health.
I: Introduction to Pro-Resolution Nutrition: What is the Zone? Why do you want to be in the Zone? How do you get to the Zone?II: What is Inflammation? An introduction to inflammation; Diet-induced inflammation; III: Basics of Pro-Resolution Nutrition: Dietary components of pro-resolution nutrition; Zone diet; Omega-3 fatty acids; Polyphenols; Fermentable fibre; Putting it all together; Markers of the Zone; Zone Living; IV: Chronic Problems at Various Stages of Life That Can Be Addressed by Pro-Resolution Nutrition: Your first 1000 days and beyond; Reaching peak performance: Athletic and mental; Why do we get fat? Why do we get sick? Why do we age? V: The Science of Pro-Resolution Nutrition: Inflammation - the need for a Zone; The mysteries of metabolism; Hormonal, genetic and epigenetic effects of the diet; Hormonal resistance; Understanding the gut; Mitochondria - remnants of our microbial past; Transgenerational consequences of inflammation; VI: The Future of Medicine: Idiopathic medicine; Back to the future
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