Resolution Zone

Resolution Zone

The science of the resolution response

Sears, Barry

Hammersmith Health Books






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I: Introduction to Pro-Resolution Nutrition: What is the Zone? Why do you want to be in the Zone? How do you get to the Zone?II: What is Inflammation? An introduction to inflammation; Diet-induced inflammation; III: Basics of Pro-Resolution Nutrition: Dietary components of pro-resolution nutrition; Zone diet; Omega-3 fatty acids; Polyphenols; Fermentable fibre; Putting it all together; Markers of the Zone; Zone Living; IV: Chronic Problems at Various Stages of Life That Can Be Addressed by Pro-Resolution Nutrition: Your first 1000 days and beyond; Reaching peak performance: Athletic and mental; Why do we get fat? Why do we get sick? Why do we age? V: The Science of Pro-Resolution Nutrition: Inflammation - the need for a Zone; The mysteries of metabolism; Hormonal, genetic and epigenetic effects of the diet; Hormonal resistance; Understanding the gut; Mitochondria - remnants of our microbial past; Transgenerational consequences of inflammation; VI: The Future of Medicine: Idiopathic medicine; Back to the future
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