Public Affairs Guide to Westminster

Public Affairs Guide to Westminster

The Handbook of Effective and Ethical Lobbying

McGeachy, Robert

Welsh Academic Press






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The Public Affairs Guide to Westminster is the essential handbook for organisations seeking to influence legislation and shape policy development in the UK Parliament and at UK Government level, and is packed with invaluable advice on devising cost effective public affairs strategies and campaigns that achieve success on a limited budget.
. The Westminster Dynamic 2. Developing a Public Affairs Strategy 3. The Impact of Devolution 4. Exploiting Parliamentary Monitoring and Political Intelligence Gathering 5. Influencing Key Policy Makers 6. Engaging with MPs and Peers 7. Influencing the Political Parties 8. Making the Most of Consultation Responses 9. Engaging with Parliamentary Committees 10. Legislation: Influencing the Pre-legislative Stage 11. Legislation: Overview of the Parliamentary Process 12. Legislation: Influencing the Parliamentary Process 13. Private Members' Bills 14. Parliamentary Questions 15. Parliamentary Debates 16. Early Day Motions 17. Petitions 18. All-Party Parliamentary Groups 19. Maximising the Impact of Parliamentary Events 20. Making the Most of Party Conferences 21. Developing Effective Partnership Working 22. Maximising Media Impact Summary Bibliography
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