Palgrave Handbook of the Sociology of Work in Europe

Palgrave Handbook of the Sociology of Work in Europe

Stewart, Paul; Durand, Jean-Pierre; Richea, Maria-Magdalena

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1. Towards a Sociology of the Sociology of Work in the UK since 1945: The Myth of the Golden Age; Carol Stephenson, Paul Stewart, David Wray.- Chapter 2. The Sociology of Work in France, Guillaume Tiffon, Jean-Pierre Durand. - Chapter 3. Sociology of Work in Germany; Holm-Detlev Koehler.- Chapter 4. Labour Sociology in Italy: Resisting Erosion Through Transformation and Dynamism; Valeria Pulignano.- Chapter 5. The Politics of Sociology and the Challenges of Transitions, Formalisation and Fragmentation: The Study of Work and Employment in Spain; Miguel Martinez Lucio, Carlos J. Fernandez Rodriguez. - Chapter 6. Swedish Sociology of Work; Bengt Furaker.- Chapter 7. The Sociology of Work in Finland; Markku Sippola, Tuomo Alasoini.- Chapter 8. Sociology of Work in Poland; Adam Mrozowicki. - Chapter 9. Sociology of Work in Hungary; Violetta Zentai.- Chapter 10. Sociology of Work in Bulgaria; Vassil Kirov. - Chapter 11. Sociological Approaches to Work in Romania Since 1945; Norbert Petrovici, Florin Faje. - Conclusion; the Editors and the Authors.
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